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A temporary PostgreSQL database can be created with the pgtmp utility. This article is not for advanced users only. | Hacker News. Many of us use the same few tools in our day-to-day life. Then why do we need so many versions of the same thing. | Hacker News. You are a good developer, the world should benefit from your knowledge. But no one can build a good product if the development tool used is not up to date. | Hacker News. If you are an IT professional who has to deal with SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle databases, then you know the pain that comes from choosing the wrong database engine. | Hacker News. In this Post, I'll be comparing a couple of databases that I'm familiar with to see what makes them different, and hopefully learn a thing or two about them along the way. What makes a good SQL Database | Tom Kyte. From day 1, you have to keep up with innovation. In this case, the innovation is the ability of PostgreSQL to handle concurrent queries. | Hacker News. In SQL Server, you have to worry about being backward compatible and having to keep up with all the latest fads to make your database fast. | Hacker News. The biggest challenge with SQL Server is it has a bloated feature set and is not at all clear of where new features are going to come from. | Hacker News. If you think about the future of SQL Server, you'll have to either invest a lot of money in upgrading your infrastructure or rely on third-party vendors to support your database in a while. | Hacker News. I would rather use a project in Java than on SQL Server because I can just download the JDBC driver and start writing code. | Hacker News. I used to say that Oracle is so bad that it should be illegal. | Hacker News. I've been using PostgreSQL as my primary database for about two years now. | Hacker News. I'm a big advocate of using PostgreSQL in new projects. | Hacker News. I was going to use SQL Server as my primary database for most new projects, but there are few companies that can afford the latest SQL Server edition right now. | Hacker News. I've been using MySQL since version 2.1. I still use it on new projects because it's a very stable product. | Hacker News. I've used SQL Server since 2000 and I've been using MySQL since 2005. Now I'm using PostgreSQL. I've only been using it for



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Dbforge Data Compare For Postgresql Crack isillavy

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